Price  *  Guarantee  *  Getting On The Wait List

STEP ONE: I only breed a few litters a year. You will need to plan on getting on our wait list in advance. I think my above-average pups are well worth the wait, and it keeps me from selling to "impulse buyers" and the "Next Day Puppy" crowd.  

STEP TWO: Check HERE to see what litters are coming up, and which litters still have pups available. The earlier you send in your application and get approved the higher up the list you will be for picking your puppy. 

STEP THREE: Email me and I'll send some attachments with additional information. I will also send you a puppy application.   

STEP FOUR: Send back your filled out application. I will call or email you and we can discuss any questions and decide together if one of my pups is a good fit for your lifestyle.  PLEASE BE PATIENT! This is not a commercial kennel but a hobby I fit into my busy life of work outside the home and a family! :  )

STEP FIVE: I do not accept deposits UNTIL after the litter is born.  My "wait list" is based on the date that approved applications come in.  Please understand that the wait list is very flexible! It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to say "you are the 4th person to get a pup" for the simple reason that some people ahead of you may only want a certain color or sex and a good many people get impatient and drop out, etc.  I can give you a ROUGH idea, but please understand that I will work with you to try and make it as clear as possible where you are in the wait list, but that is really does vary.

STEP SIX:  When the pups are about 3 weeks old I will email or call you and we will discuss what is available and at that time I will accept a non-refundable deposit to lock you into place for your puppy.  


Your puppy will be sent home with:
 *  small sample of the food they have been eating
 *  a Bully Stick for the ride home
 *  my Puppy Packet
 *  the puppy's pedigree
 *  PROOF of parent's health clearances
 *  PROOF of age appropriate shots and worming and instructions to continue
 *  AKC registration form, FULL or LIMITED depending on what you had requested
 *  30 days FREE health insurance 
 *  information on the pup's lifetime microchip registration which has been paid in full 
 *  Poppy Blossom Boston's Birth Certificate
 *  24/7 Life Time Support for you and your puppy!

To see a copy of our guarantee CLICK HERE

Price is based on one thing - whether the pup is sold as a breeding quality dog or not. This depends on color, markings and health test results. All pups are sold with "limited registration" AKC papers unless a puppy buyer specifically requests a breeding quality pup.  There is no guarantee a breeding quality pup will be born in any given litter.  We are ETHICAL and HONEST breeders - we will NOT just charge you more for a pup and call it "breeding quality".  

And please be aware that anyone who tries to sell you a "breeding quality" full AKC registration Boston who does NOT have proof of extensive DNA/OFA health testing is, to be honest, ripping you off. 

Breeding Quality/
Full AKC

Any Pup With
 Limited AKC
Please read the above about
 when deposits are accepted. 

 This is for the protection of both of us. 

Deposits are $500. 
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