Our Boston Terrier Family

DanBar Happy Romance ("Happy")

Happy is a young male who we chose for his nice markings and his small size.  Happy weighs about 15 pounds and came from small parents.  Happy is HAPPY; he loves everybody and everything. 

OFA Cardiac - NORMAL  BTR-BCA-14/17M/C-VPI (20)
OFA Eyes - NORMAL  BTR-EYE-1389/17M-VPI (20) 
OFA Patella - NORMAL  BTR-PA2977/17M/P-VPI
OFA Elbows (Prelim) - Passed 10/20
OFA Hips (Prelim) - Passed 10/20
DNA Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts - Passed
DanBar Bette Davis Eyes ("Bette")

​Bette is a Jib Jab daughter. Her muzzle was shorter than we wanted so I have made the tough decision that, despite her being my favorite, I will not breed her.
She will be spayed and live here forever for she is a total joy. Bette was my introduction to Bostons and she has stolen my heart. Sweet, loving, naughty and easy going, Bette is a diva. Just like her mother, Jibby, she is NOT an "outdoorswoman" and prefers to stay inside. 


DanBar's Old Fashioned Girl ("Namu")

​Namu is a Bean daughter and inherited her keen hunting spirit. Her father was a male named Louie. I kept Namu despite her imperfect face markings due to her muzzle length and her perfect breathing. Namu is an athlete, a hard hunting girl with a great personality.  Namu was what the Boston was developed to be... a sporty little dog to be a companion to man, woman or child. 

Namu is being retired from breeding and will be moving back up to Diane's DanBar Ranch to continue her lizard hunting career with her mother, Bean! 

OFA Cardiac  -  BTR-BCA-13/18F/C-VPI (20)
OFA Eyes BTR-EYE1270/18F-VPI  CLEAR  (20)
OFA Patella - NORMAL  BTR-PA2973/18F/P-VPI
DNA Hereditary Cataracts: Clear
DanBar's Jib Jab ("Jibby")

​There is only one Jibby! Simply the sweetest, most domestic little lady that ever lived.  While Bean is out the door hunting all day, Jib Jab does not care to go outside other than to lie in the sun in the front yard.  She is obsessed with puppies. She is pictured at right with a litter of cairn terriers that - upon setting eyes on them - caused her to develop milk (she was not pregnant and hadn't had puppies for almost a year) and within 5 days had taken over the litter and raised it to weaning age.  She is literally at her happiest when caring for babies. 

Weight: 22 lbs Color: Brindle/White DOB: 09.08.2017​
OFA Eyes: BRT-EYE-1122/18F-VPI (4/19)
OFA Dentition: Click Here
OFA Heart: Advanced Cardiac BTR-ACA55/18F-VPI (4/19)
OFA Patellas: NORMAL BTR-PA2715/24F/P-VPI
OFA Spine: pending
OFA Tracheal Hypoplasia: NORMAL TRH109/16F-VPI
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
DNA Hereditary Cataracts: Clear


DanBar's  Old Fashioned Boston With A Nose

​Bean is one lizard hunting fool.  She spends her days stalking and catching lizards or ground squirrels.  She is very tough and courageous, yet absolutely sweet with people. She is the fittest and best breathing Boston I've seen to date; no snorting, no snoring.  She is a wonderful mother, very gentle and nurturing... but as soon as the pups are weaned she is out the door and back to the woods!  Bean stays up with Diane at DanBarRanch as there are more lizards there for her.

Weight: 25 lbs Color: Black/White  
OFA Elbows: prelim Normal (18 months)
OFA Eyes: CLEAR BTR-EYE 906/21F-VPI (4.19)
OFA Dentition: CLICK HERE for results
OFA Patellas: Normal BTR-PA2519/12F/P-VPI
OFA Heart: Advanced Cardiac CLEAR BTR-ACA54/21F-VPI (4/19)
OFA Spine: pending
OFA Tracheal Hypoplasia: NORMAL TRH108/18F-VPI
DNA Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
DNA Hereditary Cataracts: Clear