Poppy Blossom Boston Terrier's Guarantee

This agreement is made and entered into this ________ day of _______ 20_____ by and between Amy Gasparovich, “Poppy Blossom Bostons” (hereafter “Seller”), and: ___________________________________________________
 (hereafter “Buyer”), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the sale of a puppy/dog below:

1) Seller warrants that the above puppy/dog is a purebred, bred as indicated above. Registration papers will be handed over at time of delivery/payment. The dog is already registered with the AKC, the new owner need only transfer the dog to their name.

2) Seller warrants that the above described puppy/dog is in good health at the time Buyer assumes ownership. The puppy/dog has received the vaccinations and wormings listed in puppy packet, which are appropriate for its age. The buyer is encouraged to take the pup to a license Veterinarian with 48 hours of purchase, for a health check. The buyer is also encouraged to submit the free 30 days insurance from "Trupanion" supplied by Seller, within 24 hours of purchase.  If the puppy is found to be seriously ill within 48 hours of leaving Poppy Blossom Bostons property (with appropriate laboratory tests and written proof supplied to seller) the pup can be returned to seller for full refund of purchase price. If the puppy is kept by buyer, seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills UNLESS THE TRUPANION INSURANCE HAS BEEN INITIATED, in which case Seller will pay the $250 deductible. If the puppy has been shipped by air, if determined to be sick by a licensed veterinarian as noted above, Seller will pay cargo for return of pup.  

3) The puppy/dog has been microchipped. Buyer understands that the Seller will remain as contact information with the AKC for the life of the pup so that the pup will never end up in a dog shelter, rescue or research laboratory. New owner will also be listed as a contact. If you move, notify Seller of new contact information. Please advise your local animal control of this chip number when licensing your dog. 

4) Seller warrants that the puppy/dog sold hereunder is progeny of animals which have undergone breed specific DNA/OFA testing for genetic disease. All dogs used for breeding have the health clearances listed/linked on the Poppy  Blossom Bostons website under each dog's individual listing. Please make yourself aware of what testing has been done on the parents of the pup you are purchasing. Test results are updated as the dogs mature and as annual tests are redone. (COVID has slowed down the health testing processes in 2020).

5) Should the Buyer use said dog for breeding, Buyer agrees to have any Poppy Blossom Boston puppy/dog sold with full AKC registration, certified as healthy with OFA/DNA appropriate tests (as per the AKC parent club) before using the animal for any breeding (BAER excluded). This is for protection of the breed. 

6) Ownership of the puppy/dog will be transferred to the Buyer for the agreed upon sale price to be paid before or as Buyer takes possession of puppy/dog. PayPal payments or cash ONLY accepted. 

7) If delivery out of area is requested by Buyer, it shall be only by airfreight or certified, professional ground transportation. Airfreight will be direct flights only.  Ground transportation will be within 500 miles of Seller. Buyer is solely responsible for the arrangements, cost of crate, any insurance during shipment and cost of freight charge. Crate, insurance, and freight charges will be sent to Seller prior to shipment. This payment will be made through PayPal ONLY. Seller will pay cost of veterinarian health certificate. 

8) Seller does not represent any puppy/dog as “show quality”. The animal may become showable, but this is not recognizable at such a young age. I do not feel it is ethical to sell a dog as “show quality” before it can be determined. As well, Poppy Blossom Bostons breeds for health, soundness of body and mind, and companionship more than for show ring fads and success. 

9) Buyer agrees that they are NOT acting as an agent in the purchase of this puppy/dog and that Buyer will NOT sell nor give this puppy/dog to any other person, agent, pet store, dealer or research facility. If, at anytime during the life of the dog, it must be rehomed or otherwise disposed of other than humane euthanasia, Poppy Blossom Bostons (seller) MUST BE CONTACTED first. If the new home is approved by Poppy Blossom Bostons, transfer may be made, however, the seller RESERVES THE RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL. Understand: the dog will be returned to seller at no cost to seller. This is done for the safety of the dog. I DO NOT WANT MY DOGS “FLIPPED”, ON CRAIGS LIST OR SOLD to unethical breeders, etc. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of animal and payment of all court costs associated with return of the animal. Seller agrees to act upon the matter within 15 days of written notification of intent to rehome the animal. 

10) Buyer agrees that the dog will reside at the home of the Buyer, will provide comfortable housing and appropriate diet, exercise and health care. Comfortable housing is defined here as that which provides protection from heat, cold or moisture. Dog is NOT to be kept in a "shipping crate" type structure as its "primary housing".

11) At NO TIME will Buyer EVER take training classes with, or leave dog for training with, ANY facility which utilizes electrical shock collars for training. Use of a shocking collar by owner while dog is running loose in areas known to have wild or domestic animals about is acceptable. At no time will the buyer ever leave the puppy or dog at a training facility UNATTENDED. 

12) At NO TIME will buyer ever place puppy/dog in a shelter, rescue, “no kill” facility or any other like facility. Buyer agrees that if, for any reason other than what has already been covered in this contract, he/she decides to find a new home for the puppy/dog, the Buyer shall contact the Seller. Seller always retains the right of first refusal. UNDERSTAND THIS PLEASE: this pup is not to be resold under any circumstance. If you cannot keep the pup, it will be returned to seller at no charge.  

13) If the puppy is sold with LIMITED AKC registration, the animal is NOT to be bred. Buyer will be made aware if the animal is to be sold with limited registration. Further, no puppy will ever be registered with any “registering body” other than AKC or UKC, such as the Continental Kennel Club, APR or others. This does not include registering the dog for purposes of DOG SPORT only.

This agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well-being and protection of this puppy/dog. Any dog I breed can count on me to look out for its welfare for its entire life.